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Goodbye To The Yukon (c) John Johns 2012
(For all those who've worked away from home)

Just another working day, thatís all I have to do * By this time tomorrow, Iíll be through * The temperature this morning was minus forty three * Seen all of the Yukon I want to see

CHORUS: Iíve seen the midnight sun Iíve seen the northern lights * Iíve Seen ice crystals dancing in the air * Seen brief summers come and go, winterís back before you know * And I donít have any plans to go back there

Ever since the Klondike days, when people dug for gold * Theyíve headed north and worked there in the cold * Now diamonds oil and minerals, natural gas and ore * Are worth more than the gold they dug before


Thereís plenty in my pocket now, I see my way is clear * They sure pay good money way up here * With good memories of people and places that Iíve known * Itís time to pack my bags, Iím going home

CHORUS (Stratocaster Break)

Itís goodbye to the wild Yukon, and Northwest Territories * Tomorrow Iíll be heading where I please * Across the Rocky Mountains to the blue Pacific shore * I wonít be going back there anymore