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Many people dream of winning life's lottery and having it all. Sadly, we're more likely to loose everything that we've worked for, but the effects can sometimes seem similar.

When Dreams Come True © John Johns 2011

If everything we dreamed about - Could ever come true : If all you’d ever wanted - was given to you : Would all our yesterdays - count for nothing then? : Seek new horizons just start again? : And all we’d strived for - just fade away? :

CHORUS - Goodbye forever to the life we’d known : Old friends forgotten left alone : New horizons when dreams come true :

If everything we’d ever gained - was lost today : And friends just turned their backs on us - and walked away : Would we stand together - face the our world then? : Seek new horizons just start again? : When fortune changes - are we here to stay? :


BRIDGE - Nothing’s forever - just day by day : The winds of destiny - blow dreams away : CHORUS