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Waiting For The Seven Thirty Four © John Johns 2012

Standing on the platform in the cold grey dawn
I saw you waiting for the seven thirty one
With eyes converging we shared a smile
I liked your looks I liked your style

Just another day, just another game
Just hoping youíll be there again
Just like yesterday and the day before
just waiting for the seven thirty four

Headed for the country, headed for the town
Iím for up line, youíre the down
The tracks between us, canít spoil our view
From platform one to platform two


Itís the same each morning, that time will come
Your train rolls in at seven thirty one
You take your window seat, they close the door
Iím left waiting for the seven thirty four

Guitar Break (Ovation)

Maybe tomorrow, maybe today
Maybe Iíll cross those tracks and say
Iíve seen you watching me, been watching you
Maybe get together sometime soon