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This song was inspired by playing by a branch of the River Wey at Waverley Abbey as a child, and imagining that we could build a boat to float downstream to the sea and onwards to unlimited adventures (especially after reading Huckleberry Finn).

The River John Johns 2010

When we were children - we used to dream * Wed build a boat someday - wed follow the stream * And follow the river - to the sea * Huckleberry - is who wed be

CHORUS: Wed follow the river - to the sea * Wed cross the ocean - sail far away * No distant places - now fill our dreams * Just to dream again - beside that stream

We could be anywhere - be anyone * New lands discovered - battles won * Through woods and meadows - where wed play * Would last forever - those golden days *


Forgotten music - forgotten rhyme * Passing memories - passing time * So flows the rivers - eternal stream * Carrying far away - our childhood dreams

CHORUS Rpt last line