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This song was written during a visit to Edmonton, Alberta in one of their coldest winters. It reflects on thir long winters and short summers.

Prairie Winds (c) John Johns 2011

Tell me where you come from, Where youíre going to : Before you go, I need to know : You came with spring, Stayed for summer : But now these prairie winds are the harbingers of snow

Chorus : But youíre a free spirit, canít follow you : Canít chase the rainbow, canít know : What you do or where you go


I would cross the mountains, try to follow you : Cross the sea, if I were free : But Iíll say goodbye, before the snow flies : And Iíll dream of the places you will see


When the cold winds blow, you know itís time to go : Summerís reign, ends once again : Too brief it seems, to live our summer dreams : And all too soon you return to your domain

Chorus twice

Canít chase the rainbow, Canít chase the rainbow