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No Words To Say © John Johns 2009

With Mandolin by George Sloane - Bass by Bob Johns - other instruments and vocals John Johns

Now thereís no more yesterday - only tomorrow * The bond that tied us - now a broken thread * No words between us then - only sorrow * Thoughts never spoken - Words left un-said *

CHORUS: In my fantasy words come to me as weíre standing there that day * The words I should have said but didnít say * Keeps on playing through my mind - a hundred thousand times * And every time you turn and walk away

All my memories - revolve about you * My thoughts returning - to all thatís lost and won * Canít close that chapter now - canít seem to start anew * Too much between us now - to be undone


Thatís all behind us now - have to look to the future * To late to change those things - that have to remain * Those chances missed back then - Can have no closure * But to hope for that chance - just once again


No words to say X3