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Maybe Someday Copyright John Johns 2011

Every time I look out of my window * Every time I walk out of my door * Every time I hear you say ďItís going to be O - KĒ * I tell you that Iíve heard it all before

CHORUS: Sometimes when you say to me ďI love youĒ * Sometimes I think it might be true * But I could walk out that door and not see you anymore * And sometimes I think thatís what Iíll do

Anytime just tell how youíre thinking * Anytime just tell me what you know * Then maybe some day, Iíll see it all your way * And Iíll tell it how it is before I go *


Maybe by tomorrow maybe someday * Maybe by next week or next year * Maybe Iíll be far away just doing things my way * Or Iíll maybe stick around and stay right here *