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Everybody Needs A Friend (c) John Johns 2012

When you need a friend : I'll be there for you, you don't have to be alone : Don't have to do this on your own : You need someone by your side : When the times come to decide : Someone on who you can depend : Everybody needs a friend

CHORUS : Everybody needs a friend : Someone to rely on, someone who's with you to the end : Everybody needs a friend : You can stay a while : You don't have to go, don't have to tell me yes or no : I'm with you through the highs and lows : It's OK to stick around : Don't want to see you going down : I've got the time to spend : Everybody needs a friend :


You were my friend : You were with me then, all the while I needed you : When times were hard you saw me through : You were the one who took my side : You told the truth when others lied : When all my dreams had turned to sand : Everybody needs a friend :