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Forget-me-not (c) John Johns 2010

Forget-me-nots, ladies tresses, wild roses * I dreamed of wild flowers everywhere * A carpet of bluebells stretched forever * While fragrance and colour filled the air *

Chorus * All the flowers of the summertime the autumn and the spring * All our past and our future seemed entwined * And its columbine for the friends weve yet to find * Forget-me-nots for the friends weve left behind *

The city streets as I look out from my window * Everything I see is cold and grey * But I close my eyes and dream of the places we have seen * And wild flowers that we walked among that day *


Bridge * Forget-me-nots for those times we spent together * Those precious fleeting moments that we share * And while they live within our hearts forever * They bloom and then they vanish like a prayer * Chorus * Forget-me-nots for the friends weve left behind